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SSKI Ohio Black-belts with the Chief Instructor


The visit started with a dan grading examination on Thursday 22nd March at the YMCA Springfield, Ohio dojo, where Sean Cary was successful in passing his shodan exam.

Congratulations Sean.

On the Saturday that followed Sensei Phipps held a seminar on the more advanced blocks and strikes of Shotokan karate.

The likes of Kakuto, Washide, Kumade, Seiryuto, Tekubi-kake-uke, Keito-uke, Hiraken and Nagashi-uke were taught and put into a kumite drill which everyone found extremely interesting and all the students thoroughly enjoyed the seminar to the full.  Along with the local Ohio students were guests from a club in Pittsburgh with its sensei, Chuck Kerrigan and one of his senior black-belts, Gus. Also in attendance was sensei Bishop Sanders 4th Dan from Hiram College in North Ohio. The first actual Springfield club session was a lesson on kicking, with the second lesson working on upper body techniques.  Lesson three was a stance lesson with lesson four working on hips, advanced stances and kata and kumite drills mainly working on stances.

The whole trip was a huge success and the Springfield dojo goes from strength to strength under the excellent guidance of sensei Jeff Sanders 4th Dan and sensei Jan Smearsoll 4th Dan. Sensei Phipps will be returning in September for another dan grading, an advanced kata lesson and another four club sessions.  Can’t wait and looking forward to it already!


Updated 09/07/2018

Sensei Paul Carvell Awarded 5th Dan

Sensei Paul Carvell Awarded 5th Dan

At the Hemel Hempstead dojo on Wednesday 27th June 2018, Sensei Paul Carvell was awarded his 5th Dan grade and certificate by the Chief Instructor, Sensei Malcolm Phipps 8th Dan and the ISKS Executive Committee.  Truly well-deserved as Paul has been a loyal student for over 22 years now and passed his 9th Kyu with Sensei Phipps on 6th March 1996.

Paul is also the instructor at the very successful Highfield Community Centre dojo in Hemel Hempstead and is also an association referee.  Many congratulations Paul from all in SSKI.

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New ETNA Black-belts

On Sunday 1st July at the ETNA nunchaku grading at Hemel Hempstead School there were two new ETNA nunchaku black-belts in the Hemel Hempstead dojo.  Siva Niranjan and Juan Lopez both passed their nunchaku shodan black-belts in real style under the watchful eye of the Chief Instructor, Malcolm Phipps 8th Dan.  Well done to both on a brilliant showing and a great grading.  Also, congratulations to Poonam Anandaraj on passing her green belt.  Oss!

New ETNA Black-belts