2009 Shobu–Ippon Karate Championships

Guildford Spectrum Centre – 9th May 2009

Nadine Schuerer and Rachael Houlton
Becky Pitt
Lauren Brooks
Adam Cockfield on the winners rostrum
Arthi Niranjan
SSKI Referees
Men’s Black–belt Kata Winner, Adam Cockfield

Men’s Black–belt Kata
1st Adam Cockfield

Ladies Novice Kata
1st Rachel Houlton
2nd Nadine Schuerer

Ladies Junior Kata
1st Becky Pitt
3rd Monika Orban

Children’s Senior Kata
2nd Arthi Niranjan

Ladies Brown–belt Kata
3rd Karen Snowley

Men’s Novice Kata
3rd Andy Cutler

Girl’s Novice Kumite (Over 5ft)
1st Lauren Brooks

Girl’s Senior Kumite (Over 5ft)
2nd Arthi Niranjan

Ladies Novice Kumite
2nd Rachel Houlton
3rd Nadine Schuerer

Ladies Junior Kumite
3rd Becky Pitt

Boy’s Senior Kumite (Over 5ft)
3rd Danny Richards

SSKI Referees/Judges
Jeff Carson, Paul Carvell, Peter Welch & Nick Forgham

Medal Total
4 Gold, 4 Silver, 6 Bronze

Well done to all the above who put up a fantastic showing on the day and considering our squad was quite depleted for this tournament, this was a superb result and one that keeps us well on top of the medals table for the Shobu-Ippon Tournament since its induction in 2003; this is something to be exceptionally proud of. Also a special well done to Adam Cockfield sensei, who took one of the main titles at this event, the prestigious Men’s Black–belt Kata title, which incidentally had well over 50 entrants. All the events were well subscribed to which make the results above absolutely excellent. Also a huge well done to our four Shotokan Alliance referees who did a superb job on the day. Congratulations to all involved.

Douglas Carson also took two silver medals in the men’s 3–Man and 5–Man Team Kumite as a guest fighter in the SEKU team and Guildford team respectively.