2010 Legend Open Shotokan Championships

Bracknell Leisure Centre – 13th March 2010

Hemel Hempstead dojo and Slip End dojo trophy winners from the 2010 Legend Tournament
Alison Flowers in action at the Legend Open Championships
Team Kata (Unsu) silver medallists: Sam Richards, Thomas Carson & Danny Richards
Dougie Carson scores with a brilliant takedown and follow-up at the 2010 Legend Open Championships!

Men’s Senior Kata
3rd Daniel White (Sochin)

Ladies Junior Kata
1st Alison Flowers (Heian Nidan)

Children’s Under 11yrs Senior Kata
2nd Emily Blundell (Bassai Dai)

Under 16’s Team Kata
2nd SSKI – Sam Richards, Thomas Carson, Danny Richards (Unsu)

Boy’s Over 5ft Senior Kumite
1st Cameron West
3rd Danny Richards

Girl’s Over 5ft Senior Kumite
2nd Leah Groom
3rd Lauren Brooks

Boy’s Under 5ft Senior Kumite
2nd Thomas Carson

Junior Ladies Kumite
2nd Alison Flowers

Junior Men’s Kumite
3rd Andy Fleet

16–20yrs Men’s Senior Kumite
2nd Douglas Carson

Under 11yrs Senior Sanbon Kumite
3rd Steven Barton

Under 11yrs Junior Sanbon Kumite
2nd Niaaz Hoque


Medal Table
2 Gold, 7 Silver, 5 Bronze

SSKI Referees: Jeff Carson, Paul Carvell & Nick Forgham

SSKI Timekeepers: Phil & Stacey Barton

A good performance generally and many congratulations to all the above. We have done better in past years and we now need to turn all those silver medals into gold ones! Also many thanks to all the above referees and timekeepers for their time and excellent performance on a very long day! Now we must prepare for the big one – The Shobu Ippon Tournament on Saturday 8th May at the Guildford Spectrum Centre.