13th Legend Open Shotokan Karate Championships Bracknell Leisure Centre

9th March 2013

Adam Cockfield 2012 Legend Competitor of the Day with Rachael Houlton 2013 Legend Competitor of the Day
A very happy Cristy Nash with a very proud Chief Instructor!

Men’s Brown & Black–belt Individual Kumite
2nd Gabriel Van Rel

Men’s Brown & Black–belt Individual Kata
1st Adam Cockfield

Ladies Brown & Black–belt Individual Kumite
1st Rachael Houlton

Ladies Brown & Black–belt Individual Kata
3rd Rachael Houlton

Girl’s Over 5ft Senior Kumite
1st Cristy Nash

Boy’s 8th–4th Kyu Cadet Kumite
1st Conor Wardley

Boy’s 8th–4th Kyu Over 5ft Kumite
1st Tom Colbourne

Boy’s 8th–4th Kyu Over 5ft Kumite
2nd Oliver Nash

Men’s Junior Kata
2nd Matt Gilling

Boy’s 8th–4th Kyu Under 5ft Kumite
3rd Dylan Freeman

Boy’s 8th–4th Kyu Cadet Kata
3rd Conor Wardley

Girl’s 8th–4th Kyu Kumite
3rd Madison Harding-White

Men’s Junior Kumite
3rd Matt Gilling

Girl’s Cadet Senior Kumite
2nd Leah Groom 3rd Lauren Brooks

Boy’s Cadet Senior Kumite
3rd Cameron West

Boy’s Male Cadet Kata
3rd Sam Richards

11yrs & Under Senior Sanbon Kumite
2nd Olivia Christodoulou

Men’s Team Kata
3rd SSKI (Adam Cockfield, Daniel White, Anthony Holt) – Nijushiho

Ladies Team Kata
2nd SSKI (Vicky Adams, Leah Groom, Rachael Houlton) – Sochin

Under 16’s Team Kata
2nd SSKI (Tom Carson, Cristy Nash, Olivia Christodoulou) – Bassai–dai

Ladies Team Kumite
3rd SSKI (Rachael Houlton, Leah Groom, Vicky Adams)

Female Competitor of the Day & Samurai Trophy – Rachael Houlton

SSKI Medal Tally – 5 Gold, 7 Silver, 10 Bronze SSKI Referees – Jeff Carson, Tony Bunting, Peter Welch, Nick Forgham and Phil Barton

What an absolutely brilliant day! This was by far the biggest Legend Open Championships ever and it was absolutely packed to the brim with top competitors from many top class Associations. We started slowly but by the end of the day came away with five very prestigious titles and very nearly a couple of others. All our teams performed excellently on the day and were a credit to the Association as always; the icing on the cake at the end of a very long day was Rachael Houlton winning the beautiful samurai trophy for Female Competitor of the Day – well done Rachael, thoroughly well deserved! The other gold medals were also superb with Sensei Adam Cockfield repeating last year’s success in the men’s senior kata event winning the title with an excellent rendition of kata Unsu. Cristy Nash, Tom Colbourne and Conor Wardley fought their hearts out to win gold medals in their respective kumite categories while Gabriel Van Rel just missed out on the gold in the men’s senior kumite event just being pipped in the final but this was an excellent result, as with Adam’s senior kata event there were over 60 top class men in these two categories. Huge thanks to Sensei Adam Cockfield for his excellent coaching on the day and many thanks also to all our referees and judges who worked so very hard on such a very long and exhausting day. So, a huge well done to everyone who attended this very prestigious annual tournament, whether competitor, official or spectator and whether you won a medal or not – you all did SSKI proud!