38th Portsmouth Open Shotokan Championships

Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth – November 15th 2008

Adult Team Kata
1st SSKI Hemel Hempstead (Gary Richards, Alexis Raymen, Stacey Barton) – Gojushiho-sho

Under 16’s Team Kata
2nd Hemel Hempstead (Aaron Gould, Sam Richards, Thomas Carson) – Kanku–sho

Men’s Black–Belt Kumite
3rd Douglas Carson (Hemel Hempstead)

Ladies Black–Belt Kumite
2nd Alexis Raymen (Hemel Hempstead)

Under 10’s Kata (Mixed)
1st Emily Blundell (Bovingdon) – Heian Yondan
2nd Petra Ewington (Slip End) – Heian Godan

Under 10’s Sanbon Kumite
1st Emily Blundell (Bovingdon)
2nd Olivia Christodoulou (Hemel Hempstead)

10–15 Yrs Senior Kata
1st Aaron Gould (Slip End) – Unsu
3rd Thomas Carson (Hemel Hempstead) – Kanku–sho

Boys Kumite Under 5ft
2nd Thomas Carson (Hemel Hempstead)

Girls Kumite Over 5ft
3rd Lauren Brooks (Old Basing)

Ladies Brown–Belt & Below Kumite
3rd Karen Snowley (Old Basing)

Ladies 16/17yrs Kumite
3rd Rebecca Pitt (Old Basing)

Under 16’s Over 5ft Sanbon Kumite (Mixed)
3rd Sam Richards (Hemel Hempstead)

Ladies Black–Belt Kata
4th Place Trophy Stacey Barton (Hemel Hempstead) – Gojushiho-sho

SSKI Medal Table
4 Gold, 5 Silver, 6 Bronze and 1 Trophy for 4th Place

SSKI Referees/Judges
Jeff Carson and Peter Welch

Well done to all the above and indeed to all who entered. It was an excellent day’s showing from SSKI and we were very unlucky not to come away with another gold or two (especially in the Under 16’s Team Kata where the scores were given out incorrectly). But like good sports and good karateka we took it on the chin, as it would’ve been unfair to take the gold medals away from the other team after the presentation had been made.

A special well done to young Emily Blundell who took two gold medals in the two events open to her and both of these events were well subscribed to. Well done also to Aaron Gould for another fine performance in what will be his last competition in a major event in the Under 16’s category. There will be a sigh of relief now from the people still left in this category. And well done to our Adult Team Kata, who took gold in their first outside competition. Also well done to Alexis Raymen in her first Over 18’s senior event and who only lost out to the very experienced fighter from SEKU, Tracey Corby, in the final. Douglas Carson was on great form again in the Men’s Senior Kumite and only just lost out in the semi-final to the eventual winner, Dave Galloway.

Emily Blundell and a proud Sensei Phipps Aaron Gould at the Portsmouth competition