2012 Portsmouth Open Karate Championships

Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth – 17th November 2012

SSKI’s gold medal winning Adult Team Kata
(Adam Cockfield, Aaron Gould, Daniel White)
SSKI’s winning young kata team Olivia Christodoulou, Tom Carson and Cristy Nash
Happy Watford club trophy winners Paul Sheehy and Matt Gilling
Vicky Adams Ladies black–belt kata and kumite double individual champion!

Under 16’s Team Kata
1st SSKI ‘A’ (Cristy Nash, Thomas Carson, Olivia Christodoulou)
– Bassai Dai

Under 5ft Sanbon Kumite
2nd Tom Colbourne

Over 5ft Boy’s Kumite
2nd Cameron West

Cadet Ladies (16/17yrs) Kumite
1st Leah Groom

Ladies Black–belt Kata
1st Vicky Adams

Ladies Black–belt Kumite
1st Vicky Adams

Ladies Kyu Grade Kumite
1st Rachael Houlton

Ladies Brown–belt Kata
1st Rachael Houlton

Men’s Kyu Grade Kumite
Jt 3rd Matt Gilling
Jt 3rd Paul Sheehy

Mixed Kyu Grade Kata
4th Paul Sheehy

Ladies Team Kumite
2nd SSKI (Rachael Houlton, Leah Groom, Vicky Adams)

Adult Team Kata
1st SSKI ‘A’ (Adam Cockfield, Daniel White, Aaron Gould) – Nijushiho
4th SSKI ‘B’ (Stacey Barton, Sam Richards, Danny Richards) – Jion

Medal Tally: 7 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze, 2 Fourth Place

SSKI Referees/Judges: Jeff Carson, Tony Bunting, Phil Barton and Peter Welch

Well done to all the squad for a superb day’s results. Well done especially to all the gold medal winners and also especially to the Watford dojos, who entered their first ever big outside competition and were a credit to SSKI. They hired a coach for their 13 competitors and sensei and I know they all enjoyed the day to the full and even got into the medals on this their first big outing; the first of many I’m sure! Well done to all our refs and judges who did a splendid job on the day and also a big thank you to sensei Adam Cockfield 4th Dan, our excellent Association Coach. There were some very dubious decisions but I’ve never been to a competition yet where this was not the case; it is just one of those things we have to live with – if we didn’t we probably wouldn’t go anywhere! There were fourth place trophies for the kata categories and these have been included in the list above. Again, well done to all who competed… I am very proud of you.