2008 Shotokan Shield

Hemel Hempstead School – April 6th 2008

Under 16’s Novice Kata
1st Olivia Christodoulou (Hemel Hempstead)
2nd Cameron Lennon (Hemel Hempstead)
3rd Niaaz Hoque (Old Basing, Basingstoke)

Under 16’s Junior Kata
1st Emily Blundell (Bovingdon)
2nd Lewis Collins (Hemel Hempstead)
3rd Luke Redford (Hemel Hempstead)

Under 16’s Senior Kata
1st Aaron Gould (Slip End, Luton)
2nd Thomas Carson (Hemel Hempstead)
3rd Arthi Niranjan (Hemel Hempstead)

Ladies Junior Kata
1st Debbie Blundell (Bovingdon)
2nd Stephanie Farrer (Bovingdon)
3rd Katie Beck (London)

Men’s Junior Kata
1st Mark Richards (Hemel Hempstead)
2nd Phillip Barton (Hemel Hempstead)

Ladies Senior Kata
1st Karin Haberkorn (London)
2nd Alexis Raymen (Hemel Hempstead)
3rd Stacey Barton (Hemel Hempstead)

Men’s Senior Kata
1st Adam Cockfield (London)
2nd Daniel White (Berkhamsted)
3rd Gary Richards (Hemel Hempstead)

Under 16’s Team Kata
1st Hemel Hempstead (Sam Richards, Thomas Carson, Aaron Gould)
2nd Hemel Hempstead (Children’s Club A Team – Steven Barton, Lewis Collins, Samantha Gower)
3rd Hemel Hempstead (Children’s Club B Team – Megan Pirrie, Cameron Lennon, Olivia Christodoulou)

Adult Team Kata
1st London A (Adam Cockfield, Karin Haberkorn, Abe Katz)
2nd Hemel Hempstead (Alexis Raymen, Stacey Barton, Debbie Blundell)
3rd London B (Kaan Yargici, Nicholas Ross–McCall, Jonathan Chiodini)

Mixed (Under 10yrs) Sanbon Kumite
1st Petra Ewington (Slip End, Luton)
2nd Emily Blundell (Bovingdon)
3rd Lewis Collins (Hemel Hempstead)

Boys Under 5ft Kumite
1st Thomas Carson (Hemel Hempstead)
2nd Cameron West (Slip End, Luton)

Girls 5ft & Over Kumite
1st Claire Cerins (Hemel Hempstead)
2nd Arthi Niranjan (Hemel Hempstead)

Boys 5ft & Over Kumite
1st Sam Richards (Hemel Hempstead)
2nd Danny Richards (Hemel Hempstead)
3rd Paul Munjic (Hemel Hempstead)

Ladies Junior Kumite
1st Debbie Blundell (Bovingdon)
2nd Stephanie Farrer (Bovingdon)

Men’s Junior Kumite
1st Fazal Mohammed (Hemel Hempstead)
2nd Mark Richards (Hemel Hempstead)

Ladies Senior Kumite
1st Alexis Raymen (Hemel Hempstead)
2nd Karin Haberkorn (London)
3rd Alexis Pinchin (Hemel Hempstead)

Men’s Senior Kumite
1st Daniel White (Berkhamsted)
2nd Adam Cockfield (London)
3rd Douglas Carson (Hemel Hempstead)

Men’s 5–Man Team Kumite Challenge Trophy

Shotokan Shield Winners
Mens’s – Adam Cockfield (London)
Ladies – Karin Haberkorn (London)
Under 16’s – Thomas Carson (Hemel Hempstead)

Jeff Carson (Chief Referee), Paul Carvell, Peter Welch, Nick Forgham, Gary Richards, Phillip Barton, Susan Carson and Malcolm Phipps

First Aid
British Red Cross

A brilliant day’s competition and congratulations to the three Shotokan Shield winners and indeed all the trophy winners. Many thanks to all the referees/judges/timekeepers/scorekeepers and also the British Red Cross who, thankfully, were not needed too much on the day. Also well done to Adam Cockfield’s London club who are now a real force to be reckoned with and pushed the Hemel Hempstead club to the limit, especially in the senior individual and team events.