SSKI UK 2013 Kata Competition Hemel Hempstead Dojo

July 13th 2013

Hemel Hempstead’s Gold Medal Winners
Old Basing’s Nash Family (Cristy and Cameron and SSKI’s number one supporter, Terry)

Men’s Senior
1st Adam Cockfield (London)
2nd Daniel White (Berkhamsted)
3rd Cameron West (Slip End)

Ladies Senior
1st Stacey Barton (Hemel Hempstead)
2nd Vicky Adams (Slip End)
3rd Stephanie Farrer (Slip End)

Under 16’s Senior
1st Thomas Carson (Hemel Hempstead)
2nd Cristy Nash (Old Basing, Basingstoke)
3rd Matthew Cooper (Old Basing, Basingstoke)

Men’s & Ladies Junior
1st Hakeem Koleoso (Hemel Hempstead)
2nd Matthew Gilling (Watford)
3rd Paul Sheehy (Watford)

Veteran’s (Over 40’s & Mixed)
1st Steve Howlett (Watford)
2nd Nick Callaghan (Hemel Hempstead)
3rd Joao Costa (Watford)

Under 16’s Junior
1st Thomas Colbourne (St. Albans)
2nd Cameron Nash (Old Basing, Basingstoke)
3rd April Gilling (Watford)

Under 16’s Novice
1st Esh Agarwal (Watford)
2nd Justin Ricafrente (Watford)
3rd Joao Costa (Watford)

Adult Team
1st Hemel Hempstead
2nd Slip End
3rd Watford

Under 16’s Team
1st Old Basing ‘A’
2nd Hemel Hempstead
3rd Old Basing ‘B’

Chief Referee – Jeff Carson

Refs and Judges – Tony Bunting, Peter Welch, Paul Carvell, Adam Cockfield, Daniel White

Scorekeeper – Sarah Brown

Well done to all the above. An excellent day’s kata competition and many thanks go to all the referees, judges and scorekeeper on such a very hot day. We now come to the end of two superb SSKI karate weekends: one with Sensei Hazard and this tournament. It is a quiet time now until September, so just enjoy your weekly training in the dojo. And many, many thanks must go to Sue and Jeff Carson for such a wonderful BBQ after the tournament was over; thanks as well to Tom Carson for his excellent cooking skills. In my 40 years in karate I have never known better hosts than the wonderful Carson family. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening and for opening up your home to the Association and I know I speak for all those who were present… absolutely brilliant!