USA Competitions

Ohio, USA – 23rd & 30th October 2010

The English contingent in the 2010 USA tournaments
Randy Bodey 2nd Dan and Phipps sensei entering the Springfield dojo!!!
Is that really Bob Dylan?
Phipps sensei getting into the swing of Halloween and
blocking Jeff Sanders 3rd Dan!!!
Drastic measures were taken to get the Team Kata correct!!!

Mid-American Karate Championships
Cincinnati, Ohio – 23rd October 2010

Boy’s Senior Kata
1st Thomas Carson

Boy’s Senior Kumite
2nd Thomas Carson

Ladies Senior Kumite
3rd Sue Carson

Referees – Jeff Carson, Malcolm Phipps

SSKI–USA 2010 Terry Cox
Memorial Tournament
Urbana Fairgrounds, Ohio

30th October 2010

Children’s Senior Kata
1st Thomas Carson (SSKI England)
2nd Trevor Hiles (Urbana)
3rd Josh Coons (Springfield)

Adult Senior Kata (Mixed)
1st Anthony Holt (SSKI England)
2nd Jeannie Yates (Springfield)
3rd Amir Allam (ITKA Chicago)

Children’s Team Kata
1st Urbana
2nd Springfield (Thomas Carson member of team)

Boy’s Senior Kumite
1st Thomas Carson (SSKI England)
2nd Berkeley Pyle (Urbana)
3rd Josh Coons (Springfield)

Chief Referee: Jeff Carson 4th Dan

Judges: Jeff Sanders 3rd Dan, Randy Bodey 2nd Dan, Sue Carson 2nd Dan, Dennis Huff 1st Dan

Desk & Timekeeper: Malcolm Phipps 7th Dan & Vince Raska 1st Dan

Well done to all the above – a great showing, considering SSKI England only took three competitors. Sadly, Sue Carson broke her thumb in the Cincinnati tournament and couldn’t compete in the championships the week after. It was a great trip overall and many places were visited including the huge King’s Island Amusement Park, the Ohio Caverns, the Wright–Patterson Air Force Base and USAF Museum, a trip to the massive Polaris Mall in Columbus and the trip finished with a fantastic Halloween party at Jan’s house. Our thanks go to the Springfield dojo in the USA for making this a very special trip.