WJKA European Open Championships 2010

Holland – July 2nd–4th 2010

A jubilant Cristy Nash with her winner’s trophy
Double gold medal winner Rachael Houlton with a very happy coach, Adam Cockfield sensei
SKI’s Bronze Medal Kata Team L–R Monika Orban, Adam Cockfield and Anthony Holt
SSKI’s successful contingent at the WJKA Dutch Open Championships

Ladies Junior Kumite
1st Rachael Houlton

Ladies Junior Kata
1st Rachael Houlton

Girl’s Senior Kumite
1st Cristy Nash

Under 16’s Senior Kata
3rd Cristy Nash

Adult Team Kata
3rd SSKI (Adam Cockfield, Anthony Holt, Monika Orban)

Congratulations to all the above and indeed to the SSKI Coach, Adam Cockfield sensei. A special well done to our gold medal winners, Rachael Houlton and Cristy Nash and this is the third consecutive outside competition in a row that Rachael has entered where she has taken double gold medals (2009 Portsmouth Open, 2010 Shobu-Ippon & 2010 WJKA European Championships). All the competitors who actually entered took at least one medal, which is an excellent result. You all did the Association proud and once again well done!