Under 16’s Christmas Tournament

Hemel Hempstead School – December 13th 2008

Novice Kata
1st James Hamilton
2nd Amanda Gower
3rd Natasha Russell

Junior Kata
1st Olivia Christodoulou
2nd Steven Barton
3rd Cameron Lennon

Senior Kata
1st Aaron Gould
2nd Thomas Carson
3rd Arthi Niranjan

Junior Team Kata
1st Steven Barton, Lewis Collins, Amanda Gower
2nd Olivia Christodoulou, Cameron Lennon, Joseph Weaver

Senior Team Kata
1st Aaron Gould, Danny Richards, Thomas Carson
2nd Matthew Redford, Luke Redford, Bernadette Redford

Junior Sanbon Kumite
1st Steven Barton
2nd Olivia Christodoulou
3rd Cameron Lennon

Senior Sanbon Kumite
1st Emily Blundell
2nd Petra Ewington
3rd Lewis Collins

Boy’s 5ft & Over Kumite
1st Matthew Redford
2nd Danny Richards

Boy’s Under 5ft Kumite
1st Thomas Carson
2nd Cameron West
3rd Luke Redford

Competitor of the Day Award
Steven Barton & Thomas Carson

Jeff Carson, Stacey Barton, Aaron Gould, Lorraine Redford

Philip Barton

An excellent day’s championships and a fantastic Christmas party afterwards. Huge thanks to Sue Carson, Julie Barton and all the mums and dads who contributed to a wonderful day.