Seishinkai Shotokan Karate International &
Independent Traditional Karate Organization

Presents an Open One-day Black and Brown-belt Shotokan Course

With Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan

Sunday 18th September 2016
Training Times
Three one hour sessions from 11am – 2.30pm
Price £40.00

*Course is at Hemel Hempstead School, Anchor Lane. HP1 1TX.

*All are welcome.

For any further details email Sensei Malcolm Phipps on

Sensei Jeff Sanders and Sensei Jan Smearsoll with the SSKI Chief Instructor after passing their 4th Dan gradings

Well done to Jeff Sanders and Jan Smearsoll on passing their Yondan gradings on 7th July 2016.  This was just one of the highlights of the SSKI Chief Instructor’s visit as was the excellent weekend seminar on the 9th and 10th July at the Springfield YMCA dojo in Ohio.  Sensei Phipps dealt with kihon in the first two hour session working mainly on Shotokan’s advanced stances.  The second session on the Saturday was devoted to kumite and self-defence with the final session on the Sunday devoted to the kata, Tekki Sandan and its interesting bunkai. 

There were many senior Dan grades on the seminar including, Sensei Brian Evans 7th Dan from Mackinaw in Illinois, Sensei Chuck Kerrigan 7th Dan from Pittsburgh and Sensei Marc Silverman 3rd Dan from Cincinnati and is the instructor that has taken over the Cincinnati dojo after the very sad death of Sensei Sonny Kim 6th Dan last year.  After the training on the Saturday the group enjoyed a wonderful meal at a nice hotel in Springfield.

A huge plus for SSKI was that Sensei Brian Evans 7th Dan actually joined SSKI after the seminar and we would all like to give Brian and his club a huge welcome to SSKI.

SSKI USA Black-belts with the SSKI Chief Instructor. Sensei Brian Evans 7th Dan with the Chief Instructor, Sensei Malcolm Phipps 8th Dan.

Dan Grading - 18th June 2016 (Hemel Hempstead Honbu Dojo)

Many congratulations to Rachael Houlton on passing her Nidan grading and to Juan Lopez on passing his Shodan grading.  The standard was absolutely excellent and well done to both the successful candidates. Also, many thanks to Vicky Adams 3rd Dan and Peter Welch 4th Dan for their help in the kumite part of the grading.  The panel for this grading was, Sensei Malcolm Phipps 8th Dan and Sensei Tony Bunting 7th Dan

The two successful participants: Rachael Houlton to Nidan and Juan Lopez to Shodan.  Wonderful action shot of Rachael Houlton counter-attacking in her jiyu-ippon kumite.


ETNA Grading and Lesson

Excellent ETNA Nunchaku session and grading on Sunday 12th June at the Highfield dojo. 

Grading results:

Brown Belt: Siva Niranjan and Juan Lopez.
Green Belt: Oliver Delderfield.

Well done to all, great standard and great to see Sarah Brown sensei on the Course as well.



SSKI 2016 Under 16’s Tournament

Gold medal winners: L to R: Scott Hawthorne, Crystal Close, Eve Messenger

(Hemel Hempstead honbu dojo – 4th June)

Novice Kata
1st Scott Hawthorne
2nd Oliver Delderfield
3rd Freddie Beresford

Junior Kata
1st Crystal Close
2nd Isaak Nathan
3rd Finley Pollitt

Senior Kata
1st Eve Messenger

Sanbon Kumite (Under 5ft)
1st Crystal Close
2nd Mohan Thondapu
3rd Finley Pollitt

Sanbon Kumite (5ft & Over)
1st Eve Messenger
2nd Isaak Nathan
3rd Oliver Delderfield

Referees: Jeff Carson, Peter Welch, Nick Forgham, Paul

Well done to all the medal winners above, especially to Eve Messenger and Crystal Close who were both double gold medal winners. Also, well done to all the young competitors who did their very best in an excellent internal competition. Many thanks also to all the referees who made the day possible and to all the families who
accompanied the competitors.


Dave Hooper sensei Course at the Hemel Hempstead honbu dojo on Wednesday 10th August 2016 from 7.30 – 9pm.

Cost of this Course is £20 and is for all grades from 9th Kyu upwards.

Clubs that train on a Wednesday evening should close on this one evening of the year and attend this Course. Sensei Hooper has lived and trained in Japan for well over 30 years and has trained with the very best Japanese instructors, including the legendary Nakayama sensei and Osaka sensei.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.

SSKI Course (Hemel Hempstead Honbu Dojo - 22nd May 2016)

Instructors: SSKI Chief Instructor, Sensei Malcolm Phipps 8th Dan & Assistant Chief Instructor Sensei Tony Bunting 7th Dan

The above Course was a real success with Sensei Phipps taking the senior grades through Meikyo kata and the interesting bunkai within this kata. Whilst this was taking place, Sensei Bunting was putting the junior grades through an excellent distancing exercise using, Oi-ashi, Suri-ashi and Yori-ashi (stepping, half stepping and sliding).

After the break Sensei Phipps took the junior grades through a basic stance kata (Dachi Kata) and also a short look into the elbow as a weapon. This session finished with a bit of fun with a game showing that action is faster than reaction, which went down really well after the day’s intense karate training. At the same time Sensei Bunting was putting the senior grades through an excellent kumite session which everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy, which also finished with a bit of serious fun and the running of a kumite gauntlet!

Everyone seemed to really enjoy this Course and we all look forward to more Courses within the Association this year with the likes of, Dave Hazard sensei, Aidan Trimble sensei and Dave Hooper sensei.

SENSEI DAVE HAZARD COURSE (Sunday 21st February 2016)

What an excellent Course on Sunday at the Hemel Hempstead honbu dojo with Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan hosted by SSKI and Sensei Malcolm Phipps. The kata Hangetsu and its bunkai were taught in great depth and the last session on uke-waza and evasion was also truly superb.  It also shows you who is training in karate for all the right reasons when the dojo had one 8th Dan, one 7th Dan and quite a few 5th and 4th Dans all being taught a kata that they have known for years with all of us still learning from this Course and from one of the very best instructors In Europe today.  Obviously, many lower graded Dan grades and brown-belts must think they don’t need this training.  How wrong can you be?  There were students who had travelled from the Isle of Wight, Wales and many other places in England to train on this Course with Sensei Hazard and I would like to thank Sensei Hazard for such a great day’s training and really look forward to the next SSKI Open Course with him in September.