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Photo: Dougie Carson scores with an excellent ippon

Rachael Houlton defends against Vicky Adams’ chudan attack in Jiyu Ippon kumite

Paul Hazell scores ippon

Chief Instructor with jodan yoko-geri-kekomi

Daniel White with jodan mawashi-geri

Adam Cockfield with kata Gojushiho-sho

Leah Hoey at World Championships in Sardinia

Chief Instructor with ashi-barai, gyaku-zuki

Leah Groom with jodan mawashi-geri

Ippon !

Chief Instructor with Tobi-Yoko-Geri

Tony Bunting kicking Jeff Carson

Val Henry with jodan Mae-geri

Alexis Raymen with kata Nijushiho

Dougie Carson scores with gyaku-zuki

Thomas Carson with kata Bassai-dai

Allison Phipps with jodan kick!

Willie Thomas scores at the 1985 British Championships

Tracey Phipps scores Ippon

Aaron Gould scores Ippon

Leah Hoey with kata Empi

Chief Instructor attacking Patrick with empi

Crystal Close defends against knife attack

Toni York winning the English Championships with kata Nijushiho

Matt Cooper’s Gyaku- Zsuki just beaten by an excellent kick