USA Ohio Dan Grades with the International Chief Instructor

Sensei Dave Hazard,7th dan. A regular guest instructor with SSKI

Sensei Tony Bunting being presented with his 7th dan by sensei Malcolm Phipps, 8th dan, sensei Dave Hazard,7th dan and sensei Aidan Trimble, 7th dan.

About sski

Seishinkai Shotokan Karate International (SSKI) (Sei - Spirit and Soul, Shin - Mind, Kai - Association or Group) is a traditional Shotokan Karate Association that believes firmly in the teachings of Shotokan Grand Masters Gichin Funakoshi, the founder, and Masatoshi Nakayama, the legendary Chief Instructor of the original JKA (Japanese Karate Association) and the man most responsible for spreading the art of Shotokan Karate to the rest of the world. SSKI has clubs in such countries as England, USA, Kazakhstan, and India; the Association Headquarters (Honbu) are in England. Countries run their own competitions and squads but in England two main competitions are held annually:

There are regular squad training sessions for those interested in Competition Karate, with a very powerful National Team that is sponsored by different companies; the squad is currently sponsored by AMICUS. Over the years SSKI have produced champions at all levels of competition including World/European and many National Champions and regular referees courses are held with our Chief Referee, for those interested in this very important part of Competition Karate.

SSKI holds many annual courses with world–class instructors including the highly respected Sensei Dave Hazard and Sensei Aidan Trimble and many more. Students are also encouraged to attend ‘Open’ Courses held by other groups and Associations as well as those held by SSKI Senior Instructors.

Seishinkai pride themselves in that they have no part whatsoever in the politics of Karate and are current members of the Independent Traditional Karate Organization (ITKO) . Seishinkai also prides itself on being a hard–working and friendly group that has places for everyone in all of our clubs in all of our countries.

Benefits of Membership:

Hatsuun Jindo - Parting the Clouds, Seeking the Way

The path of Karate is not always clear but often concealed by clouds of distraction. Normally, ranks, titles, prizes, and the desire for fame and fortune, do not contribute to make things easier. Furthermore, many content themselves with following others blindly; it comes as no surprise they never get beyond many years of shallow practice. But even the most sincere karateka may find it very difficult to find answers to their questions. Inspiring and knowledgeable sensei and senpai will undoubtedly provide invaluable help, but we must never forget true answers come from within, so nothing can substitute your own enquiring mind.