Updated 10/01/2023

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Many congratulations to the eight students who took and passed their kyu gradings on Thursday evening (3rd March) at the Highfield Community Centre Dojo in Hemel Hempstead.

To 7th Kyu - Daniel Brooks
To 6th Kyu - Sophie Webster, Rani Sarvaiya and Theo Kalyan.
To 2nd Kyu - Habib Al Haddad, Jasmin Al Haddad, Ruth Samuel and Avyukta Nair.

Well done to all and an excellent standard overall.
                      Sensei Malcolm


Four youngsters from the Highfield Community Centre dojo in Hemel Hempstead pass their very first grading; Well done.

L to R: Isha Saini, Lana Saini, Olivia Zajkowska & Joshua Bal

Nick charity event

SSKI Reading have completed  a sponsored kata charity event, raising over £1,400 for local refugees. Every student, aged 8 to 60 performed 50 kata, which is over 1,000 moves.

Reading Refugee Support Group helps and supports refugees and shows them how to get help from government sources and the private sector. So every penny raised will help refugees from Ukraine, Yemen, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Well done to all students who took part in this epic event!


Sensei Nick Forgham’s SSKI Reading dojo sponsored kata charity event.


On Thursday evening at the Highfield Community Centre dojo in Hemel Hempstead, Nethra Nair (13) passed her 1st Dan black-belt in real style.  Her instructor, Sensei Malcolm Phipps 9th Dan stated, that it was an excellent grading for one so young.   Nethra is a credit to the club, the association and her family and trains twice weekly at the Highfield dojo. Anyone interested in training at this club, a club that has been training in Hemel Hempstead since 1977, whether adult or child, please ring HH 266048 or email and ask for details.

The successful students were:

1st Dan – Nethra Nair

1st Kyu – Darshith Biju and Naitik Biju

5th Kyu – Rani Sarvaiya and Sophie Webster

6th Kyu – Daniel Brooks

Many congratulations to all the above.


PHOTO: The successful students who passed their respective grades

"Well done to SSKI Reading on raising this amazing amount for the refugee situation in the Berkshire region.  Many congratulations to Sensei Nick and all who took part for this very worthy cause.  Proud of you all"

 Sensei Malcolm Phipps 9th Dan and Chief Instructor



Many congratulations to the Hemel Hempstead students that passed their kyu grade exams on Thursday 8th September at Highfield Community Centre.

9th Kyu – Aliza Mungur and Mukil Sethupathi

8th Kyu – Joshua Ball

5th Kyu – Daniel Brooks and Theo Kalyan

4th Kyu = Sophie Webster and Rani Sarvaiya

Well done to all the above and excellent standard throughout

Sensei Malcolm Phipps 9th Dan



Wow!  I just want to thank all the Hemel Hempstead students and their parents for such a wonderful surprise last night at the Hemel Hempstead dojo for my 80th birthday.  The cake was absolutely magnificent and the wonderful John Lewis voucher and the birthday card was truly wonderful.  I am still absolutely gob-smacked at such a lovely surprise, so thank you all so very much. You made a YOUNG man very happy !!!